Why do cakes cost so much?

When you are ordering a cake for that special occassion, keep in mind the time that the cake decorator is going to put into your special cake. Most cakes take hours to decorate and then you have to consider the time the decorator takes to make the cakes and icing. Plus, don't forget about their costs for the ingredients, supplies, transportation materials like boxes, and clean-up.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We took the kids to Sea World in July and Lauren fell in love with Shamu. I was horrified when she said she wanted a Shamu birthday party...how on earth would I make a Shamu cake? I looked at some pictures online and became even more terrified when I realized I was going to have to make Shamu out of Rice Krispie Treats and FONDANT! The first time I used fondant was for Lauren's 2nd birthday and it just didn't go well so I haven't touched it since then. I never even posted the picture of that cake. I was nervous all the way up until Shamu was completely done. Lauren told me how she wanted the bottom cake decorated and she went with the decorations on the centerpiece.

Not too bad I have to say.

Family cake

This isn't anything special. I was in a major time crunch because my daughter's 5th birthday fell on the first day of school so on top of all the back-to-school hub bub, I was making her class some cupcakes and preparing for her party that weekend. I decided that we also had to do something on her actual birthday so I literally threw this one together.

Special Agent Oso

My daughter absolutely loves Oso. I used the leftover icing from the Pluto cake to make this one just as a practice cake.


A friend asked me to do this one. I used some Mickey Mouse sprinkles in the filling. She had the figurines that went on top. I like the way it turned out.