Why do cakes cost so much?

When you are ordering a cake for that special occassion, keep in mind the time that the cake decorator is going to put into your special cake. Most cakes take hours to decorate and then you have to consider the time the decorator takes to make the cakes and icing. Plus, don't forget about their costs for the ingredients, supplies, transportation materials like boxes, and clean-up.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Aidan's 1st birthday cake

I was so proud of this cake. We made it in Aggieland and transported it all the way to Mansfield with no problems. Once we got to Mandy's house, Stephen took it out of the car and tripped over the curb. His thumb went right in. You can see the smudge next to the candle. Other than that, it turned out great!

Valentine's Day Candy Bouquet

Monday, May 19, 2008

Abby's Baptism Cake

I decorated this cake to resemble the invitation. There are polka-dots on the invitation, you just can't see them. I forgot how hard it is to frost the cross cake with all the odd angles. The next time I make this cake, I will use fondant or all stars.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New pans

A lady at work gave me 5 cake pans today! Now I am adding these pans to my list:
Care Bears
Mickey Mouse holding a pencil
Popple Bear

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Abby's Baptism Cake

We are having Abby's baptism this Saturday. Even though the movers are taking away all of our things tomorrow and we are moving into our new house on Thursday, I am NOT going to miss baking her baptism cake. I made my niece and nephew's baptism cakes as well as the cakes for Lauren and Caleb. I'm a little strong willed that way!

I'll post pictures next week.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cookie Bouquets

Don't know what to get Mom for Mother's Day or Dad for Father's Day? What about saying 'Thank You' to a friend? How about a cookie bouquet? The first bouquet I ever made was for Heather when she had her first little girl, Lexi. I'm not sure if I even remembered to take a picture.
Well, my OCD gets out of control once in awhile and I actually made a list of all the possible bouquets I can make with all my cookie cutters. Here's a picture of my favorite bouquet so far!
This list is really for me....for my sanity.
Aggie: Texas, thumb, boot, bonfire, helmet, jersey, flag
Baby shower: baby, bib, blocks, bottle, diaper, duck, footprint, name
Baptism: cross, gown, chalice, rosary
Beach: flip-flops, sun, drink, sunglasses, palm trees, ball
Birthdays: balloon, star, cake, present, party hat
Boss's Day:
Bridal Shower: cake, dress, tux, monogram
Christmas: candy cane, peppermint, present, reindeer, sleigh, stocking, toys, tree, wreath
Communion: cross, gown, chalice, rosary
Confirmation: cross, gown, chalice, rosary
Easter: rabbit, eggs, carrot, tulips, daisies, cross
Father's Day: tools, crown
Friendship: flowers, butterflies
Game night: poker chips, club, hearts, diamond
Gardening: flowers, packet of seeds
Get Well: flowers, band-aid, medicine bottle,
Halloween: bat, candy corn, eyeball, Frankenstein, ghost, haunted house, moon, mummy, pumpkin, tombstone, web, witch's hat
Mother's Day: flowers, hearts, butterfly, hats
Music: note, piano, staff
Patriotic: flag, star, heart, fireworks, USA, liberty bell
Pets: dog, bone
Princess: crown, wand, castle, shoe
School: ABC, 123, kids, apple, chalkboard, child face, star, school, flowers, crayons, pencil, ruler
Secretary's Day: flowers
Sesame Street: Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover, Ernie, Bert, Oscar, Count
Sports: golf ball, soccer ball, tennis ball, baseball, football, megaphone, helmet, volleyball, basketball, and more!
St. Patrick's Day: shamrock, hat
Sweet 16: driver's license, road signs, cars, keys, traffic light, cone
Teacher: ABC, 123, kids, apple, chalkboard, child face, star, school, flowers, crayons, pencil, ruler
Texas: Bluebonnets, Texas, Boot, Cowboy Hat, star, flag, cactus
Thank You: flowers
Thanksgiving: cornucopia, pilgrim, indian
Transportation: cars, trains, firetrucks
Valentine's Day: X, O, hearts, flowers
Western Theme: hat, boots, Texas, bandana, cactus
4th of July: flag, star, heart, fireworks, USA, liberty bell
Any more ideas? Leave them in the comments section please.

Cookie Cutters

If you read Aggieland Mommy, you must know that I'm an Obsessive Compulsive list maker. I have a list of almost all of my cookie cutters so I'll know what I have (unless Lauren has added it to her Play-Doh collection). See, now I can throw away the paper copy! I love blogs!

baby bottle
bunny face (lg)
candy cane
Christmas tree
Christmas tree (lg)
double heart
elephant head
hat (cowboy)
heart (ripple)
heart ripple (md)
heart w/ arrow
huge heart
leaf (lg)
lion face
Pooh set
rocking horse
square (lg)
star 8 pt
stocking (mini)

train cars
4 leaf clover
ghost (min)
snowman (mini)
Easter basket

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More Pictures Are on the Way

Thanks for stopping by to see pictures of my work.

I am looking for pictures of more cakes I have done. I think they were all taken before digital, can you imagine? So once I find them, I'll have to scan them in.

I know I have:
Spiderman- Hyla's son
3-D teddy bear for Caitlyn's 1st birthday as well as a shower
Another Texas
Aggie ring
Car cookies for co-worker's son
Aggie football jersey

Stephen's birthday cake

Poor Stephen, his birthday is November 27 so it usually gets overlooked due to Thanksgiving. In 2004 I asked him what he wanted his cake to look like. He had no idea. I knew I wanted to try something with these 3 colors. I like how they look, I wish I would have been more creative on top but when you have a 3 month old and you are at your parents' house, you do what you can with what you have.

Heart Surgery

I didn't have much time to plan this one. I wanted to make a cake to take to Arlington for my father-in-law's heart surgery in Sept. 2006.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Candy Molds

This is where I'll document all the candy molds I have

Cookies and bouquets

This is where I'll post all the different cookies I can make.

Cake shapes

This is where I will post all the pans I have and the possible shapes i.e. T-shirt pan...makes onesie

Lauren's 1st birthday cake

I wanted this cake to match the plates but as usual, I ran out of time to detail the top. See, we travel to Fort Worth to have the parties with our closest friends and family. This was her first cake but I have since learned to start the cake before we leave town.

Fudge- Layered Mint

Christmas Candy - Toasted Pecan Cranberry Bark

Candy- Peppermint Bark

Candy- Oreo Bark

Christmas Candy

Christmas Cookies-crosses

Christmas Cookies-Peppermints

Christmas Cookies-ornaments

Christmas Cookies

Fall leaves

Spring/ Easter tulips

Easter Eggs

Spring/ Easter cross

Spring/ Easter butterfly

Spring/Easter cookies

Halloween Cookies-Jack O'Lanterns

Halloween Cookies-basket

Halloween Cookies- bouquet

Halloween Cookies-tombstones

Halloween Cookies- pumpkins

Halloween Cookies- hat, moon, bats

Halloween Cookies- ghosts, cats, mummies

Halloween Cookies-eyeballs

Halloween Cookies

Caleb's Cookie Bouquet

This bouquet matches his birthday cake which is several posts below.

Christmas Candy Bouquet

Christmas Cookie Bouquet

Soccer Ball

A co-worker asked me for 2 of these in one year and then wanted the same cake the next year. I think she was pleased. 2005

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

A co-worker requested this cake, 2004.

Baby Quilt

This cake took me over 10 hours from start to finish including baking the cake, making the icing, and decorating. 2001

Tiger cake

This is the tiger cake I made with the pig cake. This is our school's mascot. 2004

Pig cake

I decided to bake a few cakes for the school where I teach. I made a pig because "Louie the Pig" did the morning announcements. I also did a tiger which is our mascot. Little did I know that I would go into labor the next day!

50th birthday

I made this for my dad in 1994.

Texas Cake

1996- I was student teaching and chose to do my two week unit on Texas. I made this cake for the Texas celebration I planned.

Golf- putting green

A co-worker asked me to make this in 1996. She was going to add a golf ball on top of a tee.

Winnie the Pooh

My sister-in-law asked me to make this for her sister-in-law's baby shower, 2000.

Noah's Ark Cake

Made for a friend's shower, 1996.

Mickey Mouse Cake


Clifford the Big Red Dog

For my niece's 3rd, 2002