Why do cakes cost so much?

When you are ordering a cake for that special occassion, keep in mind the time that the cake decorator is going to put into your special cake. Most cakes take hours to decorate and then you have to consider the time the decorator takes to make the cakes and icing. Plus, don't forget about their costs for the ingredients, supplies, transportation materials like boxes, and clean-up.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cookie Bouquets

Don't know what to get Mom for Mother's Day or Dad for Father's Day? What about saying 'Thank You' to a friend? How about a cookie bouquet? The first bouquet I ever made was for Heather when she had her first little girl, Lexi. I'm not sure if I even remembered to take a picture.
Well, my OCD gets out of control once in awhile and I actually made a list of all the possible bouquets I can make with all my cookie cutters. Here's a picture of my favorite bouquet so far!
This list is really for me....for my sanity.
Aggie: Texas, thumb, boot, bonfire, helmet, jersey, flag
Baby shower: baby, bib, blocks, bottle, diaper, duck, footprint, name
Baptism: cross, gown, chalice, rosary
Beach: flip-flops, sun, drink, sunglasses, palm trees, ball
Birthdays: balloon, star, cake, present, party hat
Boss's Day:
Bridal Shower: cake, dress, tux, monogram
Christmas: candy cane, peppermint, present, reindeer, sleigh, stocking, toys, tree, wreath
Communion: cross, gown, chalice, rosary
Confirmation: cross, gown, chalice, rosary
Easter: rabbit, eggs, carrot, tulips, daisies, cross
Father's Day: tools, crown
Friendship: flowers, butterflies
Game night: poker chips, club, hearts, diamond
Gardening: flowers, packet of seeds
Get Well: flowers, band-aid, medicine bottle,
Halloween: bat, candy corn, eyeball, Frankenstein, ghost, haunted house, moon, mummy, pumpkin, tombstone, web, witch's hat
Mother's Day: flowers, hearts, butterfly, hats
Music: note, piano, staff
Patriotic: flag, star, heart, fireworks, USA, liberty bell
Pets: dog, bone
Princess: crown, wand, castle, shoe
School: ABC, 123, kids, apple, chalkboard, child face, star, school, flowers, crayons, pencil, ruler
Secretary's Day: flowers
Sesame Street: Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover, Ernie, Bert, Oscar, Count
Sports: golf ball, soccer ball, tennis ball, baseball, football, megaphone, helmet, volleyball, basketball, and more!
St. Patrick's Day: shamrock, hat
Sweet 16: driver's license, road signs, cars, keys, traffic light, cone
Teacher: ABC, 123, kids, apple, chalkboard, child face, star, school, flowers, crayons, pencil, ruler
Texas: Bluebonnets, Texas, Boot, Cowboy Hat, star, flag, cactus
Thank You: flowers
Thanksgiving: cornucopia, pilgrim, indian
Transportation: cars, trains, firetrucks
Valentine's Day: X, O, hearts, flowers
Western Theme: hat, boots, Texas, bandana, cactus
4th of July: flag, star, heart, fireworks, USA, liberty bell
Any more ideas? Leave them in the comments section please.